Topless On The Interstate!

I remember one time I was a freshman college and I had taken a road trip about 6 hours away. I was headed back home in the middle of the afternoon when I decided to take off my top and just drive topless! OMG it was AMAZING! I had all the truckers following me trying to get me to pull over to get a better look and even had one person almost run off the road. ((sorry! lol)) Now here I am at home 6 years later and its the middle of the night... wonder what it would be like to go completely naked tonight? hehehe

phantasie phantasie
22-25, F
9 Responses Mar 8, 2010

It is amazing. I love it when ladies pull up next to me. Unfortunately women are so unobservant when driving.

Try iit, you might like the feel of the air around your body. I don nude driving alot . I will do it many times more.

Wife and I do... It is fun and I love the benifets!!!

I've done it naked many times, even during the day. As allnightinhand said, it's a wonderful feeling.

Go for it and report back here

go on do it !!!!!

If you are in jersey then i'll do it with you and I'll even up it by not bringing any clothes at all

And then they would all see me! Sounds fun! ;)

It is a wonderful feeling. I love to do it. At night is easier though. At least you have some bit of being hidden.