Just Could Not Help Myself Again

I get up for work at 3;30 am, on this morning it was still warm out, so i showered, grabbed my cloths and walked out to my truck, still naked from my shower, i did put my cloths in my truck then went for a short walkj around the area. No you was up yet, it felt so great totally naked not even shoes, running onb my neighbours lawns it was great, i got in and started driving, still nude, went thru a drive thru, WOW thank goodness the truck is a bit highter than a car, she did smile which was nice.

I then drove thru the park,( i am watching for cops by the way) i saw a vehicle parked, i took a chance and drove by slowly, there was another person getting ready for a run i guess, they were changing outside, i got out and showed them i was naked, they didnt seem to mind and just smiled as i drove by, gave me a hard on knowing he saw me and didnt say anything.

i did park the truck, went for a walk and let me tell you, walking nude knowing you have no cloths at all and that evereything is in your vehicle, keeps the senses awake. i was hoping some joggers would come by but at that time i had to get to work. i am hoping to do this again soon
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Love it. Carpe Diem!