Back From The Airport

I flew into the Mesa (AZ) airport today after a 5 day trip to see family. I spent the whole flight back fantasizing! I'd gone 5 days without jacking off or getting naked anywhere besides the shower! It was a sunny 70 when I got back to the car in remote economy parking and as I was loading my bags I realized the place was TOTALLY empty - I was the only one on the shuttle. On the spur of the moment a took all my clothes off standing right there by the car. Big parking areas are one of my favorite "naked fantasy" places. I then got in the car and drove an hour home totally nude (and hard most of the way). Freeway traffic was light, didn't pass any tall vehicles who would have seen, but still felt great!
BashfulShowoff BashfulShowoff
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

It was a rough 5 days but felt SOOOO good when I got home. I pulled into the garage and left the garage door open then got out and went in the house totally nude. No one walking by and no sign of the neighbors across the street, so felt great! Spent the rest of the day naked and jacking!

5 days with out getting naked OR jacking off!? I would have gone insane! Any hoo I love driving naked. it's such a great feeling, and it must have felt really great after five days being wrapped up in cloth!