I am driving naked right now and my wife is also naked next to me
Trucker006 Trucker006
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WOW!! Now, that's proof!! Glad to hear that your wife share your same feelings. Also good to see that you are wearing your seatbelt!!
BTW - Very nice ****!!
Naked Sissy Stephie

Do you ever drive nude and walk around rest areas with your wives naked ???

WOW, that is awesome...wish I was naked there with you both

Are used to do that as well when I was over the road Great pic by the way

hope she is helping out with that

Sounds like another story in the making. Of course I assume you are up in your cab.

For safety, put down the cell phone and focus on your driving.

Naked driving is so much fun. It's great that your wife shares the experience with you.

We are walking around outside naked now a there are a few people in there cars


Keep your eyes on the road.