I love to smoke refeer.  I don't consider it a true drug.  It's my little weed that grows wild in the back yard.  It's my friend, has been for a long, long time.  It numbs me and puts me in a better place.  I will never give up my little weedie....
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I love smoking pot and im in Michigan too! Hope you add me to your circle whenever you get the chance! :)

me to i like smokeing

And now it is medicine and some states let yo u have a card and legally posses up to a certain amount.

Poppies are just plants too, it opium a drug?

i got 2 words for you,, TRY SHROOMS!!!

Amen Emily :) thank you

I don't consider marijuana a drug either. It's a plant, that was on this earth when we got here. God put this plant on this earth for a reason! But nah, haha, I don't consider it a drug, because it isn't very serious. Especially compared to heroine and all that other ****.

A little reefer never hurt anyone. Just be careful with it Emily. Enjoy but don't abuse. As to whether or not you should or shouldn't use drugs isn't for anyone to say. Thank you for sharing this with us.

You say it numbs you and puts you in a better place,but you say its not a true drug.Im a recovering addict and Alcohol is a drug.Nicotine is a drug+Im not judging you,but Marijuana is a drug!Do you mean not a narcotic/class A drug?Would'nt it be nice to feel and enjoy what you feel rather than needing to numb yourself?I am beginning to enjoy being in my skin and it don't cost a thing!!!!$$$$$$or Drug Charges.Its a personal choice I guess huh?I use to say it enhanced my creativity but also seemed to enhance procrastination!!!!Criuse on my friend,It's ones personal choice+I respect you for you honesty.

just say no :)