They open your eyes to new perspectives of the world..
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They open up pathways in the brain that otherwise wouldn't be open.... Some possitive and some negative ...

I don't do drugs but I have my own issues and this is why I.joined.this- nonjudgemental ex<x>pression.

There are drug users and non drug users in every culture in the world and its not up to either side to judge the other. I hate when groups like this always turn into arguments whether drugs are good or bad. Drugs can be good for some people and not for others. Theres no definite answer so why bother? This group is obviously for people who think drugs are a good thing for them so everyone who disagrees shouldn't even be reading these stories. Go join the group I Hate Drugs and leave your negative comments there.

'A drug is any chemical compound that elicits a biological response' (Medicinal Chemistry definition). So I respectfully disagree that reading, music, art and talking, etc are 'drugs'. They elicit biological (i.e. emotional) responses but are not chemical compounds in and of themselves. I do agree that the compounds in the foods that we eat are drugs, however, I believe this to be too simplistic a view and can result in a mentality that thinks taking 'street-drugs' is the same thing as eating food. Clearly the degree of the biological response is what is most important in distinguishing a particular drug's action. Marijuana, cocaine, X, LSD, and other popular rec drugs elicit so many different biological responses, especially in the brain, that it can literally 'blow your mind' at the molecular level. One side of this is that you might get 'high' from it, e.g. experience feelings of well-being, extreme happiness, or senses of wonder that you never experienced before. The other side is that you can have bad trips which is really just another way of saying the biological response is now on the downswing and you're experiencing extreme depression, anxiety, panic etc. Because rec drugs are so non-specific in their mechanisms of action, both sides and combinations of biological effects can occur and can be different for each individual. There are also long-term consequences of rec drug use which can be as mild as hair-graying to life-threatening such as cancer or crippling depression/anxiety disorders. <br />
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With all this being said, I will say from a perspective of great experience and knowledge (and please don't take that as cockiness), that if you like drugs now because they make you happier than you are without them, you very simply have an underlying depression/anxiety. This is SUCH a natural thing; its amazing our society is so frightened to acknowledge that reality. Life can be inherently depressing, dull, difficult. It is the human condition. It is also the human condition to experience natural contentment, happiness, balance...<br />
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And so it comes down to choice, in my opinion. You can opt the quick and easy fix to get high in order to distract yourself from the misery of humanity, or you can realize the potential short- and long-term consequences of rec drug use and opt for a far healthier, life-lasting solution: Coming to grips with the human condition WITHOUT fear and doing something about it -- e.g. prescription drugs, talking to a professional to uncover the root problem, giving charity, making the world generally a better place to be in. Those things alone are what's important, in my opinion.

to the person who said "and ur actually happy to be doing drugs? weird..." a drug is any form of a mood-shifter. it can be food, love, excercise, reading, laughing, a massage, aspirin, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, music, art, talking, anything. we are all on drugs. do you realize how many chemicals are in the foods you eat and you have the nerve to demean such a natural remedy such as marijuana. read the odyssey--it's a classic and you will see how they mention drinking wine constantly and you will also notice a specific passage where they speak of an herbal drug that can make all you troubles disappear for the day. and it's not necessarily they disappear, just more so how you perceive the problem and it's significance in your life and if it's really worth stressing. so now i say, if homer thinks it's a worthy enough substance to mention in such a glorious way, is it not?

ya you tell him.

and ur actually happy to be doing drugs? weird...