What Drugs Have Done For Me

I began using drugs my freshmen year of college. Prior to college, i only smoked weed on rare occassions, maybe only once or twice a year. I did drink a lot in high school, probably too much. I passed out numerous times at parties, got a DUI when I was seventeen and got myself knee deep into other **** as well due to my abuse of alcohol. It's safe to say a lot of high school was a blur to me. One night during my first year of college my friend decided to take me to a kids house we graduated from high school with to smoke pot. O hadn't seen this kid since high school so i was down with it. We smoked pot in his attic where his room was for hours that night from A bong and a gas mask. I was unbelievably stoned! I felt numb, relaxed, and completely euphoric. So smoking weed became a routine for us at this kids house and I soon became good friends. After a few months of living this lifestyle, I started evaluating myself while in this unique state of mind. I evaluated why i act the way I do, How I treat others, and many other things as well. After a few YEARS of self analyzing, I was able to determine that I truly was not living my life. In high school, I realized that everything I did, including what I wore, how I treated others, and my destructive alcohol abuse was all being shaped around my want to fit in with others (the popular crowd). I realized this is why I was never happy in high school or most of my teenage years for that matter. I also realized that I was living my dads life instead of mine as well. I was only an accounting major during my freshman year only because of my dads persistent pressure for me to go into that field and I didn't even question it! My whole life I was subconsciously reinforced to believe whatever came out of my dads mouth was automatically best. Upon realizing this I changed my major to marketing, which is a more creative and less structured environment as well as an easy to obtain finance degree. But anyways my point is without marijuana, I feel that i would have never realized the false life I was living and would have never truly lived my life for me.
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have you realized yet why it seems so important to have friends -- to fit in?

I guess you can say I have

Be careful. You just might lose the ability to be happy during those moments when you're not stoned or drunk. Drugs and alcohol are a leash. You may soon find the real world getting smaller and smaller even as your imagination becomes wilder and wilder. Enjoy.

Ya I try not to smoke it every night, have made new friends who I actually fit in with naturally, and have drastically cut back on my alcohol consumption.

That is good. Make friends with those who are not so into drugs and alcohol for recreation and see what they are into. Stay away from the addicts if you feel they will be offended by you're not joining them.

I agree.