I Think I Need Reassurance.

Went to Warped Tour yesterday. Took five hits from some strangers who claimed it was "good ****". It was my first time smoking/doing drugs and I coughed and spit but I was still passing that blunt around. Felt happy, clear visioned, focused, like a dream, on the verge of passing out. I loved it. Don't know what I smoked. I'm pretty much a kid, but people my age are doing drugs all the time. I do want a good future and all, but it was just so good. If offered again, there's a 99% chance I'll do another drug without thinking of consequences. I'd like drugs to be a part of my life. I don't want to be ****** up though. Don't know what I'm doing. Guessing this is my "welcome to life" moment. Damn.
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There is a time and a place for drugs. Warped tour is one. A word of advice, if u are ever going to experiment with psychadelics, do so with your closest friends waaaay away from the world. Never do cocaine or opiates. That is all.

Ya you got to be careful bout drugs from strangers hahaha just like candy. If your a first timer you need to find someone you know who does drugs or has a connect so you don't get ****** up again from some stranger who might take you later n strangle you or some ****. Also never do drugs with a lot of guys they crazy in the head as it is and when their on drugs definetly crazier even more so.

Hahah, thanks. I don't know why I did it, I got caught up in the moment. I felt in danger, as though they made us smoke something so they could rape us or whatever. I wasn't in control of myself anymore.. I don't know anyone I can trust who does drugs. It was two guys and one's girlfriend. I'm alright for now.

We were in public with tons of people around us. I was safe.

Ya but just cause there was one girl there don't mean she be on your side. Sometimes crowds don't matter people still do ****. Well if you still curious bout trying drugs like a drug awaking with the blunt you smoked. you'll be able to find peers that do or have connects. It's a lot easier when your young to find drug connects.

Seriously some but few people can function on drugs. I was always one who could along with a friend of mine everyone else around me could never function right.

I had one friend with me & she smoked too. I wish she didn't. I needed someone who was still feeling normal, haha. We were basically just acting retarded & I'm still not too sure what was in the blunt.

I totally get what you replied. If a person is off their face then they are no company. We all need companionship. If a person is drunk or stoned then they don't listen or remember what you have said. But you found that out the other day.