First And Last Ecstacy

When I was in grade six I was into everything. Me and my bro were drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco and pot during school hours. When I was 14 we decided to blow a little cash and have a good night, we started the night off with some a couple speed pills, and then I smoked a couple doobies with some random dudes while we were waiting for my bro to buy the E. When he got back I swallowed a superman and snorted a 2 inch line as well. I'm not sure if I had an allergic reaction or there was just too many different chemicals in my system. I was sketching out, it was dark and every car that passed us looked like a cop car to me. Another thing was my heart felt like it was beating way too fast, and I was sweating like a maniac, I had to drink steady from a hose for a half hour. We went into a golf course lodge and saw a vending machine on the other side of the glass barrier. The roof was made of removable tiles, so we removed one and I helped my bro climb in. He crawled half a foot and then Crash!!!, fell right through the ceiling. What a stupid idea, we ran like hell after that. We crashed at his house and in the morning I kept on seeing a werewolf like shadow on the wall to my left. I consistently jumped up to catch the culprit but he was too fast for me, and was out of sight every time I got up. 2 hours later I got up and checked on my friend, he had been sleeping the entire time. We have been smoking pot ever since but my friend and I have both given up the harder drugs.
towllee towllee
18-21, M
Jul 17, 2012