Mindset I Always Thought Would Be Bad... Suddenly Good!

So this isn't about some drugs I took.

This is about how for as long as I can clearly remember, I've had a generally crabby attitude, except for a short period when someone had taught me to be positive.

And for the longest time I've thought, set and setting... Ummmm...

Set: Crappy all the time. How am I gonna "find the right moment"?

Setting: Usually have hardly any friends nearby, let alone ones who do psychedelics like I want to do, and I already learned that in my room alone isn't a good idea with my mindset.

But things have changed. For one thing, I've made friends and become acquainted with a whole circle of wonderful psychedelic users who are all good friendly people who are good to be around. And they can take care of the setting pretty well.

And my mindset has dramatically improved. I've gone from regularly insulting and verbally abusing myself in my head (and suspecting good friends of ignoring me and stupid things like that) to completely loving my life and making the best of it.

Suddenly I find myself with a good mindset and I'm extremely excited because I didn't even think it was possible for me... I thought I might have to never explore psychedelics again at risk of becoming more and more screwed in the head than I was already becoming without them.

A good mindset! Oh my god, I can't imagine the kinds of experiences I might have with a good mindset and good people to be around. :) I'm really looking forward to my next mushroom experience.
ChesterBSchizoid ChesterBSchizoid
1 Response Sep 19, 2012

I suffered from depression for years. I was an extremely negative and unpleasant person. Then I took acid the first time, and the change was instant. It has changed my life by changing my mindset and it was beautiful. Next up is DMT, apparently its very intense. But if weak acid gave me such a positive mindset change, I cant even imagine what DMT would do. Enjoy :)

Wouldn't even want to try to predict what DMT would do... But it's on my list, probably first in an ayahuasca analogue, which I could do some time soon if I want... And only if I'm really sure about the time and place and people.