Pill Head :p

ill be honest, this is my first time on this site, just kinda stumbled upon it, but i am a pill head, benzos, pain killers, uppers, downers, sleeping pills, i love them all, they make me so mellow, or hyper, or make me fall asleep, its lyk how everyone says you can decide what kind of day your gonna have, yes actually i can, just depends on witch dealer i see that day lol. i stay pilt out all day every day and lifes good, except how pricess just seem to keep inflating :{ but other than that im gooooooood, everyone out there enjoy your drug of choice and occasionally try somthing new, especially those of you whove never had a pill, klonopins a GREAT place to start
pursuitofhappiness28 pursuitofhappiness28
Dec 12, 2012