My Life As A Cokehead Expat Gold Miner

I work in South America for an Amercan gold mining company , and I just love it...been doing this job for 10 years mostly in Venezuela , we work hard 12hrs shifts 7/7 and a lot of stress....once a month we go to the local village for a 2 day off and the lads for a total **** up , coke binge , up to our neck in beautifull youg prostitutes , ( yes another vice of mine...)
the blow is so strong , the first line a take I have to hold on tigjht to something , cant talk for 20 mins !!! jesus christ!!!! then after a few shots , the lines keep lining up on the table ... girls under the table licking our ballsacks at the same time....we do a dangerous job , tropical diseases etc...get payed a **** load of money and I dont see myself ever working in England again....and since trying coke in South America , never ever do I buy any in the "western world" , it's a complete rip off....feel free to judge me and call me an ignorant bastard....cause I am
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Jan 23, 2013