Has Always Been My Weakness

I love drugs, I know they are bad for me but I love them anyway.  I'm currently working on my addictions but you know what?  I have learned that addictions come in all shapes and sizes.  they don't have to be illegal and some are even socially acceptable, like the mom who is on valium to put up with her boring and abusive husband ... for the sake of the kids!  Food is an addiction.  Apparently so is sex...sorry, I just can't fathom that one.  Don't get me wrong, sex is fantastic, but I don't understand how anyone can be addicted?  then the other side of that coin is that people don't understand drug addiction, so there we have it.  We can't all be the same huh?  I would never diss a sex addict, instead I would strive to understand where they are coming from.  now, put type of drug under my nose and I'm putty in yur hand.  In particular I love speed: acid, meth, bzp...cocaine if I could afford it.  I guess I'm a sensible addict.  my bills come first so I go for long periods without the luxury of 'mind bending' substances.  I've tried almost every type of drug there is.  Not fussed on marajuana, makes me tired and hungry. 
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Addicition is a very interesting subject when you really think about it, someone could get addicted to scratch tickets, its the feeling and the synthetic high you get, you can spen 3$ and win 75,000. Now that would be an amazing rush would it not, same with weed or ciggerettes,booze, anything a car any givin thing in life people can get addicted, chocolate food, its all about self control, i am with you i tryed almost every drug out there, maybe not the newer ones now a days but still i stick with my weed thats the only drug i feel evan though im addicted to it i cant get out of control.

Except I happen to be a sex addict also, it's the adrenaline and intimacy I strive for in an easy quickie; it's like free drugs.<br />
If you want to stop there's always NA or AA

iv only smoked weed and herbs -.- thats it i wonder what meth is like....

OMG, and I thought I was the only one. I call myself a functioning addict. I have always had a good job and bills are always first. No one ever had a clue I used anything because I don't look like a druggie. Meth and all speed ba<x>sed drugs were and still are my vice. I like to smoke pot when I'm coming down to help me sleep.

yEEAHH thizzles, ice, sum shake, some speed pills of all shapes n forms haha love gettin up. PS DONT try bath salts that legal speed ****!! i did some yesturday and u wouldve thought id been up for weeks,, that ***** like paranoia in powder form

you look like an addict to me. and ya pot is badazz.

While no doubt a minority opinion, I'm not sure I agree that a "responsible addict" does not exist. Certainly, in the extreme, an addict's disease is going to consume them and everyone around them, but not every addict fits into the "extreme" category. <br />
<br />
Though not an addict myself, the disease runs in my family, and I've seen all of the extremes and everything in between, from the cousin who is so strung out he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison, to the sister who will be celebrating twenty years clean and sober at the end of this year. <br />
<br />
Still, with all that first hand experience, I just don't understand the concept of sex addiction. I don't doubt that it exists, but it's almost become politically correct to admit to being one, once you've been caught cheating on your significant other. Celebrities seem to use that term as an excuse for their inappropriate behavior. Sometimes I worry that the increase in the mainstream use of that term will minimize the impact of those admitting to any of the other addictions/diseases.

I have such respect for everyone's honesty even though it's anon. It's awesome to know we aren't alone. Since I was here last I have slipped up big time and have had a huge wake up call. I have lost the respect of many of my family and friends and i've been working so hard to prove myself but it's such a hard road. Thanks for sharing

have to wake up and smell the coffee when you get to the stage of no turning back when you have a habbit i have one and i now have had a wake up call but i can only get started once i get to the one place that can get me on my way,i use to block things out not to get high but at the same time its always been my way of dealing with the dramas of life but fair play to you and the things you can admit to doing as so many people have a problem when you talk about drugs as for me i never knew about the drugs you have done till i did a prison sentance i had to go prison to learn about drugs ha ha but i now know i have aways know about class A as i have been a addict for years and now i am trying top face it once and for all as i am sick of the same old routine that having a addiction brings,but i would never turn back time cause it has made me take notice and has helped me at times to face thigs in my own way live your life and rock on.

Party pills are legal in New Zealand? I've never heard that before!.. what made the government legalize it? Must be a very interesting report to read.

Have been addicted to meth for 16 years. Cant seem to walk away perminently. I fight the urge or give into it on a daily basis. I just started a new group called "I am addicted to meth". You should check it out and read my story. You might be able to relate to my struggle. And maybe even have a few words of encouragement. As for you. Good job on keeping your priorities. Thats the hardest thing to do when you are an addict.

was clean for 6 years.. did it again for what was going to be one time. then became, every once in awhile, then once a month... you know the drill. been back on dope for 3 years.. damn it

Yeah mate, you do not have to take drugs to be addicted to something. I reackon because some drugs are illegal it's those/us addicts (lol) that get put in the judgement spotlight. I know heaps of housewives that are addicted to drugs prescribed by their doctors. Conclusion: Addiction is socially measured and judged accordingly. That's so annoying!!

yep I have dropped the habit pretty much just indulge when they are put under my nose lol, can't resist. What's Zanex? I'm from New Zealand and we haven't heard of that over here. I tell what young people are hooked here and that's party pills. They are legal here and illegal everywhere else.