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Drugs are sooooo good, but bad lol, if you every want to do drugs Research alot casue theres somethings that might take you on a bad/Unexpected trip and could kill you self.

The drugs ive done are: Weed, Cocaine, Oxy, MDMA, and my far share of booze.

Weed: A lot of people smoke weed your parents prolly do and you dont even know it, my 1st was at my highschool and i smooked a fat joint with my bestfriend and cusin and about 6 other friends. Wow it was awsome lol everything seemed soo chill and i felt like my head was weightles, now i smoke weed everyday.

Cocaine: WELL this drug i also did for the first time at schoolit was pretty good it was like drinkin red bulls like 20 of them ahha, i use to do this everyday for a while now i only do it once in a while like 1-2 a month.

Oxy: was a good high, i first did it at a friends house and railled it off a book, and was like "i dont think this is gunna wor......(hit me)" i felt like i was insta drunk and my head and arms felt heavy but light at the same time it was triiiiippy but good, i only do Oxy 1-5 times a month.

MDMA (beans): HAHA WOW the best high ive ever had i took one of the strongest pills around and it was my first time and people said to only take 1/4 or a half not a full one, well i went to a firends house i chewed a full one and drank water, 30-45 mins later i was thinking of doing another one but then Bomb, sh!t was trippin me out everywhere, and one of the best things was when you jump backwards onto a bed it felt like skydiving and when i watched the music video for "blackhole Sun by soundgarden" AHHAHA i tripped soooo hard i was on the bed laughin for atleast 20 mins lol, then half way threw i started having a bad tripp, so i layed on the bed and calmed down 20-30 mins later i was up and trppin again for atleast an hour more.

so try drugs if you want im not saying its good infact there (obv) bad but there life changing and help with depression

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1 Response Mar 1, 2009

I've done a lot of drugs and booze for over half of my life and I'm almost 50, but last year I OD twice and hat to get brought back by paramedics. If the person I was with both times, wasn't there to phone for help, I wouldn't be here to write this. All I am saying is be careful, because, within an instant, it could be too late.