I Just Want To Know Why Do Criminals Do The Things They Do

Do they understand that they go to jail/or prison. Don't they understand the consequences. That is another reason, why I don't like knives being around the house. My sister jokes about she would cut someone throat. I wish she wouldn't joke like that. But I don't understand, why? I am so thankful, that I didn't commit any crimes, being on that medicine. I will never, ever play with life. I wanted to have a bad life on purpose. Now I am paying for it, no girl want to be with me, haven't had a girlfriend, since Nia. I miss her, it was awhile, she gave me her number. But I don't understand this. I was living a crazy lifestyle. I would do depressing things, like masturb... That is very depressing. I would try to create a non-existant friend,that never existed. I use to always wonder would I make it to be grown in this world. Boy was I wrong, now only I made it, but I didn't accomplish the things I wanted to. I always thought life was long, but not guaranteed. I was a very selfish, and immature individual. Now I can be very mature, and very responsible. I just wish I could've been more mature, and more responsible. I know I should be working, and going to school. Eventually that will truly happen. Guaranteed. As soon as I find love, I will do it. Some people would say, oh how sweet. But I got to do it. I always wishing when I am thinking. I do need to relax. I just start to wishing what is going to happen next. But then I have no clue what going to happen next.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Mar 7, 2010