Dungeon Man

His fear of loss causes him to be the way he is.His elaborate dungeon was built over many years to accommodate the ones he wont let go.Dark cold and lonely just to use the psychology to his advantage.One day he found a particular girl that he loved so dearly that he had to have her,so intern he seduced her with his charm.She soon became accepting of his world and his broken heart and found it in her own heart to love him the way he was.

She swore she would never leave him and be his slave.His fascination for her skin grew as his own was scarred and burnt and torn.So he began to skin his other victims and keep there skin so he could feed his needs.He wanted a jacket made form the best specimens he could find and so his soul purpose became selecting only the girls with the finest skins.His new love began to work hard to make him the jacket he so desired.Time passed as they found it hard to keep the skin from rotting and decaying.But they perfected the process and made a successful prototype.He wore it with pride and caressed it regularly. His new love was so much more in love with him now as she loved him in his skin jacket.

Time passed and many more subjects were used and abused but his one true love stood by him and they enjoyed the benefits of his work.He would never ever forget nor stop loving her for her loyalty to him no matter how bent and twisted he was.Regardless of the atrocities he committed the moral is that love can be found provided you look inside the person and see them for who they are not what you want them to be.
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May 21, 2012