From Red Box Basic To 3.5

I have been playing D & D for 25+ years, starting with Basic and ending with 3.5. I have enjoyed them all. I know some people don't like new editions but I have found a good game has more to do with a good group and DM than the system. At the present I am not playing but am trying to set up a game with a friend and his wife.
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I am in upper Delaware and am wanting to play on Friday or Saturday. The problem is finding a game that only happens every other week to once a month. Can't play every week like the college kids around here do.

i agree with about a good game and the 3-5 is that bad tho i have not got in to 4.0 much yet were are you and when do you like to play i started back it there very began of it got in a game 3 week after it came out