Dunk Tank Junkie

I am a dunk tank junkie - I love being dunked with all my clothes on. For years I havec hecked out each fair and festival to see if they have a dunk tank and if they do I volunteer myself as a "victim." In years past my services were readily accepted, but I have recently found that for insurance purposes many of the organizations running dunk tanks won't let you be a dunkee unless you are a member of their organization and thus covered under their insurance plan. But I ask anyway and am sometimes allowed to go in.

As I said, I love being dunked fully clothed. First, I love the sensation of wet clothes, and the added bonus is that it draws bigger crowds. People prefer to dunk a clothed victim over someone just wearing a bathing suit. I usually wsear jeans, shirt, cowboy boots and hat, plus I often wear a suit coat and tie as well. Crowds love it.

I have been in many types of dunk tanks. Some home made and some of the manufactured ones. Many years ago I actually had a part-time job as the dunkee at an amusement park. I worked evenings and weekends. The guy who worked days taught me how to incite the crowd and insult the people throwing without becoming overly rude or obnoxious or vulgar. I often pick an item of clothing and say something like "Hey - where did you get those shorts? Did you actually pay for them or did the store give them to you just to get rid of them?" I often take a supersoaker up on the seat with me and spray the throwers as they try to hit the target. I often aim it up in the air over the passing crowd yelling "How's the weather out there? Look's like rain!" This will get the crowd slightly wet without really soaking them and will sometimes incite some people to throw at the target.

I love the anticipation of being on the "hot seat" waiting to be dunked. Watching those balls come flying by, wondering if they are going to connect or not, and then suddenly "WHAM" - the seat drops and down I go, the water closing over my head and penetrating my clothes. And I love the sensation of the wet clothes clinging to me as I cliomb up out of the tank, shiny and dripping and resume my place on the seat.

Little kids and women are often the best shots. If really small children can't hit the target I usually let them come up close and push it. Some men try to throw the ball as hard and forcefully as possible - which isn't necessary if you hit the target squarely. I have felt the whole tank shake sometimes when they hit the side of it or the backboard. I have even had people throw the ball at me rather than the target. The worst is when someone partially hits the target or nicks it and you feel the seat move beneath you but it doesn't drop. Or, if the seat isn't set back up properly it can collapse underneath you as you are climbing back on.

My last episode in a dunk tank was at a fair where the local fire department runs a dunk tank every year. They built the tank themselves and it has two targets - one on each side - so you can have two people throwing at you at once. The nice thing about this tank is that it has heated watere and plexiglass around it to keep out cold and wind, plus a changing room built onto the back. I have been in some very cold dunk tanks in some really chilly weather and these features are much appreciated. But I digress. Two men came up to throw and they were terrible. They each took turns dunking me and then a young lady came up to throw at the target on the opposite side of the tank. It becomes very disconcerting when you have two people throwing at the same time trying to watch both people and sometimes not sure who dunked you, and sometimes the other person continues to throw while I am still down in the water trying to reset the seat. This also happens in normal one target tanks as well - they continue to throw even after I've been dunked, so I just stay there and give them some more balls to throw once I've climbed back on the seat. Because these two men were doing so poorily I chided them about how a woman was doing better dunking me than they were. Soon a contest (war?) erupted. The two men and the young woman each bought a whole case of balls and the action became fast and furious. A huge crowd gathered around and I got dunked so many times I lost count. I would no more climb back on the seat when I would go down again. The young lady emerged the victor much to the crowd's delight ande the two men were very gracious losers. It was a blast all the way around. But I was exhausted and needed a replacement. Climbing back up so many times with a heavy wet suit coat and jeans was hard. I emerged sopping and dripping. Water ran off the brim of my hat, the tip of my tie, my nose and chin, the sleeves and bottom of my coat and from the bottom of my jeans down over the toes of my boots. Just the way I like it. It was fun to walk through the crowd wet. I got stares from people who hadn't seen me up in the dunk tank and didn't know why or how I had gotten so wet as I walked back to my car. It was a fantastic day!

Yes, I have to confess that I love dunk tanks. I am a dunk tank junkie - and proud of it!

LevilovR LevilovR
56-60, M
Dec 7, 2012