Andy Taylor Underrated

Duran Duran provided part of the soundtrack to my high school life. I spent hours watching the videos and listening to the albums with one of my closest female friends. Being a guy though, I was not so much into them for the same reasons she was. For me it was all about the music and even though John Taylor always came off as being the coolest member of Duran Duran I was always waiting for that moment when Andy Taylor would step forward and assert himself in the band. Andy was a great guitarist and it wasn't really until The PowerStation album and after that his solo album "Thunder" that anyone really got to see just how good he was as a guitarist and singer.

These days I still love the first album the best...Planet Earth and Girls On Film being two of my favorite tracks
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Absolutely Duran Duran's sound was largely down to the fact that Andy underplayed everything. When watching them live (which I did many times) he seemed to rock a bit more, like you I bought the Thunder solo album but I knew he was a rocker anyway as he's a Northern lad and came from a few miles up the road from me. The Power Station stuff was great too with sadly gone local lad Robert Palmer. DD were never the same without out Andy in the 90's and when they reformed I went to see them a few times again as the original line up, they hadn't lost it at all, but I'd have to say they just don't cut it for me without Andy and I won't go to see them again. Dom's a great guitarist and song writer in his own right but he'll never be Andy and will pretty much just mimic all the riffs that Andy created. The first 3 Albums for me have never been equalled and as for Red Carpet Massacre...Well Massacre is an excellent word.