The Lyrics Sank In...

My  favourite Duran Duran songs are "ordinary day" and "Come Undone". I still play it over and over, never gets old! And there is a reason why "comeUndone" is also a very important song for me. I met my husband while I was listening to it online, he was doing the same. We got to talking about the lyrics. Later after 3 years from that night almost, I realized while I was listening to it again, it was him who I needed when I came undone (Hence the answer to the question in the lyrics). He was always there for me. He was almost my best friend. We had never met in real life, but I knew he liked me and I realized I loved him. Thanks to Duran Duran for hitting me on the head and opening my heart :)

hoping2live hoping2live
22-25, F
Aug 11, 2010