Its The Music Not The Guys

as a kid sure I thought they were so cute and hot and sexy but now its just the music i like.
the band has matured and gone through the whole ups and downs of music business crap and survived.

I like the wedding album, notorious and the early years stuff.

I like the song "do you believe in shame" - the words "cuz I believe a little piece of you inside of me - will never die"
just hits the spot with my feelings about Werner and where all my shame and pain began with child sex abuse.

I think I have lived these words, and the song "alone in your nightmare, let me in"

the band were a great 80's statement. of success and sparkling youth and style. the videos were the best like Rio, and save a prayer
- somewhere during the 90's that statement in music glamour got lost, especially for the UK bands.
not to say I don't appreciate heaps of 70s pop, 90's rap, trance etc.

but apart of me feels like I missed something in the 80's - and I wish I'd been an adult instead of a dumb kid.

I liked heaps of 80;s bands from player one, all the haircut bands, bowie, aussie crawl, rick springfield, cutting crew, rick astley, and just so many i can't list them all. the music is something that always brings me to a place of sparkling high that I longed to live out and never got the chance. I did get to meet two bands- taxiride and miles from nowhere (a brissy band) but I wish I had of lived the glam of the 80's adult.

I remember staying up late at night watching duran videos with my brother til all hours with charlie sheen flicks and star wars, or foxtel and rage.

whatever happened to the sweet romantic youthfulism of the 80's ??? the music of late 80's in australia were a blast and the on slaught of usa invasion in the 90's. it all has its place in my heart.
duran set the way for some of the most exciting images in their videos that haven't really been outdone- not even by madonna or MJ etc.

but a part of me is still there.
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I have a few of Duran Durans albums ... I have "the wedding album" , "big thing" "notoreous" and "seven and the raggered tiger" .. and "rio" ... and a few videos ... on tour and video clips... <br />
<br />
I liked "Big Thing" album and it some great tracks that were exciting when they came out <br />
<br />
the guys were cute and stylishly dressed with great hair cuts ... and the videos were amazing ... few could out do Durans star appeal in the 80s and 90s ... I would love to see them play live up that would be a real treat .. <br />
<br />
its a shame so many of the hair cut bands vanished ... who remembers Haircut 100 ... ? <br />
love plus one... or ABC look of love and all of my heart... etc<br />
<br />
all those bands were something new in the 80s that at least took the time to polish themselves up ..!!!! and look like gentlemen...

those guys like bowie, duran, spandau ballet (Tony Handly was a fave of mine ...he was so cute...)etc were so colonial their videos depicted the old world charm of post - world war 1 - englishmen in india, china, and plantations but it was great sound and fashion. I liked all 80's 90's music and 2000..etc...yes they had that romanticism in them and its a great image.