He Is Very Funny

I love his dark humour and observational comedy.  However, it is as Bernard, the grumpy bookshop owner in Black Books that he is fantastic.  I own the first two series on DVD and can rewatch them, as him and Bill Bailey work so well off one another, the pessimist versus the optimist.

Bernard: What do they want from me? Why can't they leave me alone? I mean, what do they want from me?!
Manny: Well they want to buy books.
Bernard: Yeah but why me?! Why do they come to me?!
Manny: Because you sell books.
Bernard: Yeah, I know...

Bernard: What?!
Customer: I'd like to buy a book.
Bernard: Here's one.
Customer: No, I was...
Bernard: This one's very good!
Customer: Oh, oh is it?
Bernard: Yes. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll change your life. £5.99.
Customer: Alright. Oh, my change?
Bernard: Ugh, can you come back later?
Customer: Well no, I'm not coming back this way.
Bernard: Where do you live?
Customer: 17 Galexie Gardens.
Bernard: Ok now go there, and await my instructions.



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Dec 4, 2008