The Next Morning

Last night I was out drinkin with my 25 year old yuonger sister and we both got drunk but she was alot drunker than me.
When we got back to my place the taxi driver had to help me get her up as it was raining and we both fell in the mud and got soaked.
After gettin inside I ran her a hot bath and helped her undress down to her panties and bra while she kept gigglin and jokin about me trying to take advantage of her.
I laughed as i watched her get in the tub with her bra and panties still on then after closing the curtian half way tossed them out and said, Here is a present for you.
Laughing i took them and tossed them into the wash with the rest of her clothes and mine.
walking naked into the bedroom I tossed on a teeshirt and boxers and came back out to the kitchen and opened a beer and lit a smoke.
Hearing her laughing i stepped into the bathroom and asked, Whats so funny?
She said, I used ur stuff to wash and it got all hot and tingly on my boobs and between my legs.
Laughing I said, Thats for ************ not washing.
She kept giggling and said, Give me a towel.
I got a peek at the side of her hip and whole long tanned thigh as i handed her the towel and she stepped out from behind the curtian and felt my own crotch gettin hot as I walked back into the kitchen.
To my surprise she came out still dripping wet wrapped in the towel that just barely kept her *** and breats covered and opened a beer and lit a smoke for herself and said that the bath sobered her up alot.
I tried to keep myself turned away from her so she would not notice the buldge in my boxers but she seen and said laughing,Why are u like that?
Is that ur **** or are u playing a joke and have somthing stuffed down there?

I remembered her tellin me her ex had a small **** and that she had sucked guys with bigger ones but had only had sex with her ex and one other guy who was small also.
I laughed and said, Its mine but i just gotta take a leak.
I tried to **** but stood there until it half sofened and just drbbled alittle then came back out still half hard and she just smiled looking at the buldge that was still there and said,I seen Dad naked a few times when i was a teen and he was not big at all so I always figured u would not be either and kinda felt sorry for u.
I laughed and said, What,Why would u be wondering about that? And why did u just suck guys instead of ****** them if ur ex had suck a small ****?
She giggled and said, I like suckin and when im on my knees I can grind my heal into my crotch and have a great ****** that way .
I was speechless.
After another beer she was drunk allover and flopped down on the pull out bed in the livin room and her towel rode up so i had a full side veiw of her whole leg clear to the side of her *** and i was rock hard again.
Tellin her i was going to bed she asked me to leave the lights on and i did then laid on my bed where i could still look down the short hall and see the same side veiw of her legs.
I took off all my clothes and just laid there strokin lightly wondering if i should walk out naked and hard.
Seeing her legs move and one bend up at the knee and her towel fall open I got up and looking down at her seen that her eyes were closed.
Walkin down to her bed naked with my **** throbbing and drippin with preecum I sat on the edge of the bed beside her knee and could tell by her breathin she was sleeping.
Slowly i opened her towel the whole way so i could see all of her and her nipples were rock hard.
There was not a single hair between her legs and with my heart pounding i ran my fingers down her inner thigh and lightly up and down along her ***** lips.
She sucked in a deep breath and spread her legs still sound asleep then as i let the tip of my middle finger slip up and down between her wet outer lips she moaned and smiled opening her eyes alittle the more and said, What are u doing? Are u naked?
I pulled my hand back then her eyes just shut and she started snoring.
Putting my hand back i slipped my finger in half way then up rubbing slightly on her g spot and instantl felt her become soakin wet inside and moan then her eyes popped open and she looked mad.
I stood up and said, Im sorry.
She looked at my **** then down at her naked body and said, Did u **** me?
I said, No No i just was playing with ur G spot.
She ran her finger inside herself looked at it I guess for *** or somthing then said, Well Ok then goodnight.
I went back to my room feeling like ****.
The next morning she was still sleepin and after a shower i put on my bathrobe and made a pot of coffee then hearing her yawing looked in expecting her to be pissed.
She just smiled and said, Smells good is it ready?
I said,Yes and poured her a cup and almost dropped it as she got up naked walked into the kitchen and ystarted sippin at it and said, Last night was just wild and u are one bad big brother and I mean big.
I turned red and said sorr sis.
She smirked and walked into the bathroom and without shuttin the door took a pee that sounded like she pissed out a river lol.
I was leaning against the counter trying again to hide my hard **** inside my bathrobe when she came out and said,You are getting a good look at me so turn around.
I did and she pulled the tie and pulled off my robe then without a word knelt and started licking my balls then said, Ive never sucked one this big.
She started suckin and it felt better than any guy or woman had ever done and i could see how she was humping her heel and rubbin her **** with one hand and i knew when she was orgasming because she opened her mouth with my **** still in and with each moan she bit into the middle of my shaft making me moaan loud and yell as i came like crazy into her mouth and still we could not stop as it seemed to last over a minute and my 20year old daughter had walked into the house just as we both started orgasming and *******.
She never said a word just giggled and walked into her room.
Ive got a couple sore bite marks but never have i ever had a BJ like that!
Thing is I cannot stop thinking about how tight she felt when i was fingering her with just one finger!
It was like a vise and seemed to wanna suck it right in!
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Wow! nice story. x