Tis Another Day

I wake each morning, with coffee in hand, one eye opened. I sit here in front of my computer, start my days out here on EP.
The wonderful group of folks, my circle of friends help me to enjoy another day.
Thank you all for my great mornings here with you.
I couldn't ask for more than the friends I share this screen with each and every day!
You all are my shining light! *smile*
MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
56-60, F
4 Responses Jan 16, 2013

And your friends supply that light when your energy is drained and your batteries need recharging.,. We can charge you up from your love toward us when we needed that. It just keeps being recycled.

what goes around... comes around my friend. A friend told me the other day... that the friends I make on line are like folks/stragers I meet on the street.... we say hello, have a nice day..blah blah blah. I disagreed totoally.

strangers... need another cup of coffee. Hey... Have a great weekend.x

In turn you are a shining light or when not shining you reflect the light of your friends here. We have your back.

(hug) *smile* Thank you!!

People in person must feel you coming ,Your aura radiates from you. You give me hope .Thank you very much for being a friend ;)

You are very kind, thank you. I am thankful for your friendship Hiddenheart. (hug)

EP is an amazing community with countless good souls all contributing in their own way.I am proud to be a tiny cog in this immense wheel of fortune.

i am glad you are my friend.