My Wifes ***

I don't know what it is about Eating my wifes ******* but it turns me on so much I get so hard doing it
She has really has a love for me to do it Even know she doesn't say it until I get her reved up enough

The other night we were fooling around and I got our liberator wedge to get her booty up and little bit. I plugged in her Hitachi wand Gave it to her. She turned it on low then started rubbing it on her *****. While I started to lick her *******. I gently start by licking around her ******* then put the face of my tongue over her hole and hold it there. that really seems to get her going. Then I can feel her starting to relax you can always tell cause her *** starts to open up then I can really get my tongue in her tight little pucker hole.

She starts to moan and wiggle like I never seen a woman do Few mins later she turned her wand up to high while I was still eating her *******. Next then I know shes gushing like a fire hose. My face was cover in her Squirt . Was one of the Hottest things I ever seen my wife do in the 12 years we been together.

Then I ****** her sweet little ******* silly pulling out and ******* on her sweet little gape

I love that woman
1Womanman 1Womanman
36-40, M
May 25, 2012