Love Eating My Wife's ***

My wife's *** is round, brown & beautiful. There's nothing better than spreading her cheeks and burying my tongue deep into her hole. And she says it makes her feel like a queen being serviced by her slave. I guess we both win.
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7 Responses Jun 19, 2012

yes ... WINNING !!!!

Same here, nothing like sniffing and licking a woman's *******. After a long day I always sniff first, just love the sweaty smell, and then tongue her. She used to resist in the beginning but now just spreads her *** knowing whats coming

I must say.. she has one stunning ***!! Eye popping spectactular... bet she looks good wearing just about anything.. and better wearing nothing. Even so, were she to walk by my eyes would stick on her ***.. pulled by the magnetic power, and helpless to resist.

If that is her in your avatar photo.. OMG!!! Would love to be one of her royal subjects and service the Queen!!

You are a lucky guy. Your wife lets you suck her *******. I crave so much and my wife rarely allows. However, she craves for her ***** to be sucked.

I LOVE a win - win

I don't consider myself a slave - women are made to be submissive to men, at least in bed - but I really love to spread my wife's cheeks, lick her anus, make it wider with my tongue, and everything we can think of!