My Fat Bellyyy

Now pictur me 343lbs what would u feed me or do to me?
What If i didn't finish my food what would u do?
What else? Please comment be creative
Love y'all guys!
Foooddd Foooddd
22-25, F
6 Responses May 12, 2012

Please come back! Everyone is asking about you! ;)

I'd turn my **** into lard and **** some more fat into you

I would feed you 3 large pizzas, 10 burritos, 2 dozen donuts, and 2 pies. I will make sure you do not get out of the bed/couch. If you don't finish, I will feed you until your belly starts hurting. After that, I would just rub your belly to make it feel better.

343 is awesome!

I'd massage your huge jelly belly and force you to eat more and more cheesecake!

I'd force you to eat.