The Food Marathon

I saw that one video where this man eats fast food or the food in the fast food store/chain, and only that. I also want to try that, without walking much. Just stayin' at home most of the time, or do other normal things. And with additional snacks, and other fatty foods. And instead of just thirty days, it'll be years. I should probably do that sometime.
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

I would love to do that too except instead I would make sure I was stuffed after every fast food meal

Was it called Supersize Me? And I would like to join you if you like :)



I'd love to help you get big so you don't have to move I'd go and get tones of food and bring it back to you and we can both stuff ourselves... Through a tube or not

that's really a good dream.

Can I join you?

sure!! There'll definitely be results.