The Grand Angus Is Insanely Good!

I was walking around inside a shopping complex one day when I spotted a McDonald's store. I said to myself, "oh yeah, I'll just go for what I normally have!" Which  is usually a Double Quarter Pounder meal (large). So as I was about to order I remembered that there were two new burgers in town. One being the Grand Angus, the other was known as the Mighty Angus. So I decided to go for the Grand ... and that was one of the best choices I ever made. After I ate that burger I was a changed man. Every time I went to a McDonald's store I would order a large Grand Angus meal. Now i am sick of the Grand Angus and prefer the mighty, reason being that I ate a really sloppy Grand Angus once. So the next time you are passing a McDonald's store, pop in and grab a Grand Angus ... It could change your life forever!

mcshogs mcshogs
18-21, M
4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

...Killed it!<br />
<br />

yeah u should!..oh wait...u got one last night ahaha!

So cool, Shoggsy! Next time I am near Maccas, that's just what I will get!<br />
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All those other burgers seem to have shrunk, but the grand... man, that's a burger! It tastes just like real meat!

Excellent, Mcshogs, just excellent!