Lumpia So Not An Eggroll

OK so we took an idea from the Chinese, like Marco polo stole noodles to feed the Italians and now people forget where spaghetti came from.  But there is one thing we share in common and that is we make things better than before.

Egg rolls have that thick slightly soggy taste to it after several hours. And you could even microwave it. Unlike Lumpia we vary and I love Fresh Lumpia the best.  I haven't made mine from scratch yet, but if anyone has please let me know.

I make regular Pinoy Lumpia from Scratch and often when invited to parties. I will get the request for me to bring and make lumpias.  I don't mind at all, i have been making them since I was a little boy. I would be the only one who has mastered making over hundreds in less than a couple of hours.  We would split it up, my parents makes the stuffing from beef and I would have the honor to wrap them up.  I'd be in the kitchen nook while watching TV and hard rolling them. It was so good no one in my family could make them that well. 

So now I reinvented the old recipes, making anything from Fresh ground pork, chicken, beef and anything you could imaging. I just have not done the fresh Filipino Lumpia yet.  I will and its coming this summer or late spring when fresh ingredients are plentiful and abundant.  I will fry my own wrappers from scratch. Thats right people, so if you want some you better be nice.

I wasn't planning on charging anything for what I make, but a fishing buddy of mine had former Pinoys in his company and asked me if I could make some just for him. So with trial and error I did, and now i perfected my recipes just for the Americans taste bud.  I like to sauce it up with Calamansi, soy sauce, vinegar and mince garlic.  

hmm could you smell it now, hot friend Lumpia, with a dab of soy sauce, melting with every bite.  There aren't that many Filipino's here in Ga, and not one freaking Restaurant. So to all you entrepreneurs make it happen for me. Be the first to have this in Atlanta and you will surely make it big. We have one small Filipino market but not a square. Help us out someone and step up. I want to taste someone Else's Lumpia.  So i know if I am the best in the state or just so so..

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Tell me about it, i didn't charge on how big my lumpias got but after getting so many orders I had to cut and use a measurement device. Normally it was just from sight. You live and learn. My secret is Bay seasonings.

i made a bet with a friend once over a game of pool. the loser had to cook the winner food, i lost and i made lumpiang shanghai. it was the first time i ever made them and i sort of messed them made them gigantic, when as i'm sure you know, they're supposed to be on the skinny, tiny side. they were still good though :)