The Complete Cycle

What could be more beneficial to the environment if we men all ate and licked all our ***** from our partners' ****** after sex. 

Partners would be happy and total recycling for our world to-day.  Our partners would love the experience and repay our manyfold. 

Come on men  get our partners to sit on our faces and let us do our jobs!  That's what we have tongues for.

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4 Responses Feb 19, 2010

my wife use to squat over my face after sex to lick her and then she ****

Among other things, it is an ultimate proof of trust. Wife must know how much you want to please her. And, she is trusting you to approve of her having sex with others. Surely a win win situation( Oh yes, it feels and taste good too)

the only way to eat and live all the time

Ha ha ha! I totally agree! Recycle, that's the plan.