From My Wife

Im my wifes toilet for many years but only recently I really enjoy to take her load in my mouth! I love it when she puts her *** over my face and sucks my **** and then presses her usually huge sausage in my open mouth! I keep it there as long as possible while she sucks me off! I finally became a real toilet! My wife takes it in her mouth for many years and she had to convince me that its really good! The best!!
cibeis cibeis
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7 Responses May 13, 2012

what a exciting story, now I am ******* !!

Lucky bastard, You are making my mouth water.

I would love to join you two... xoxo

I have wondered what it would be like to **** in someone's mouth and watch them eat it. When I had the chance with this cute girl that I had known for a few months, I didn't do it. I discovered by accident that she had a serious *** fetish. She told me that none of the guys she had known wanted their ***** played with and actually told her not to do it with them. I told her that I loved having my ******* licked and I wanted her to lick my anus until her tongue I encouraged her to explore her *** licking fantasies with me. We did it in every position with me sitting on her face, bending over with her behind, I even pushed my finger up my *** and had her suck it clean.

I practiced relaxing my anal sphincter so she could insert her tongue into my rectum!!! I actually had her kiss my *** out in public just so she could become more comfortable with it.

I told her I wanted to see her eat my turd. She didn't say anything but just looked at me. I told her it might be too disgusting to see her do it OR I just might be turned on at least by the power and control I would have over her. We never did it....I still regret it and so does she. She remarried and now we'll never get to try it. Oddly, her husband has NO interest in her *** play fantasies. Now, THAT's weird!!

Got my fill of **** this morning. It always tastes so sweet. The more I get the more I want . She feeds all the time. Don't know how to live without it.

That's how you do it.

I am so hard right now it hurts!!!

i would too help you