Growing Fondness.

 Sometime back, He was suggesting me diets and so insisted upon Watermelons.

 A while ago, He did showed me His recent purchase too ~ quite a Big one. I couldn't stop smiling coz these days, whenever I am out to buy stuff, at least watermelon is always on my list.

I remember the words... 

"...its all water and rich source for Vitamin C" 
... and yes ... I agree with You here completely.


 92% water in it, hardly some sugar... just about 06% and hence no harm in eating all of it when hungry. 

Regarding Vitamins, ehm ehm ...Well, I ought to remember!
Aha ! Mr. Watermelon is the cousin to  Monsieur Cucumber.

Now, out of curiosity, I happened to look for Mr. Watermelon's official name.

hm... not bad ! 

Mr. Citrullus Lanatus of the Curcurbitaceae clan.

I had already cut them fine, sprinkled sugar .
And they would be chilled by now. Am eager.

So, now is the time to enjoy !  

But ...
Not without some melody ...

So, here it goes ...

A - B - CDE
Watermelon is so good for me.
I'd share. Relax! Take it easy.

F - G - HIJ
Now, I can eat it just everyday.
Wish to join? Then donot delay.

P - Q - RST
And it is very ripe n juicy.
Oh! Eat slow ~ Show Courtesy.

U - V - WXY
Yes, I like it and You too try.
But don't keep an eye on my pie.

Z - Z - ZZZ
Right time to meet n buzz.
Let us see what it does.



Now You may also buy n enjoy !!!

Waitttttttttt :-

I just got this information that certain species very conveniently USED Mr. Watermelon to flock 'bees' [read Honey bees please] or 'wasps' (Not sure) around on their office table. Further, these weird homosapeins were  ecstatic when ALL  went 'over' them & literally mobbed them. 
Quite visual !!!
Wondering if there were Stampedes!

P.S :-
Take it as a CUE!
Am fine with mine solo.




mejj mejj 36-40, F 3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

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Lol. Question... why sprinkle sugar on a fruit that is naturally sweet? :))

Answer :
I just can't resist ... had been the same way since more than three decades now.

Lol... this post really made me laugh. You have some love going for the watermelon. :))))

Helping me out with skin tights at times.

Aaaahhhh! Now I see why the love. :)) Good for you dear.


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Useful one filled with helpful information .


Ya, it contains lots of Vitamin C which is helpful for our body....!!!
One Watermelon is not enough for Me...I think I should get few more of them from you...!!!!

Love,Love,Love it MAM....!!!!

Certainly, N.
I shall see to it that during Your wedding, we arrange for an exclusive fruit (watermelon) based stall n U get an upper hand.

Just consider the season while fixing Your dates.
Stay healthy!