It wasn't my first time, it was my third, but it was better then the first or second time. I was at a friends house for a party, and one guy asked me and my friend (Lets call her homms) if we wanted some E. Of course I said yes, I love the drug.
So before I go on, let's pick names for everyone.

Owner of the house - J (male)
Rentee of the house - Igg (female)
Guy I was 'with' - Cs (male-obviously)
Bff - Homms (female)
Friend - Buddie (male)
Chick - Meg (female)
Me - me, i (female)

Ok, anyways. So Igg, Homms, and I did a parachuter each. Mine and Igg's were bigger 'cause we had done it before, but it was Homms' first time so we just gave her a small one.
After about 45 minutes Igg and I were getting a little high, but we realized Homms had vanished, so we went to look for her. Well, we found her in the kitchen flirting with all the guys...so we were like "Come on hunnie, we have something very nice for you downstairs!"
So as we're trying to get her down the stairs, my feet are dragging on the carpet because it just felt so damn amazing, and then Homms decides to slide down the stairs on her back, "It feels like silk..." she kept saying. Igg and I carried her down and threw this amazingly soft blanket on her...and then I heard it.
The song that I will never forget, that will bring back so many memories whenever I listen to it, my new favorite song. Never in my life had I heard it before that night but it was calling my name. I walked up the stairs in a complete trance and when and stood in front of the T.v. My knees started bobbing, my heart was racing, my head was spinning, I could physically feel the music pulsing through me.
Around the World by Daft Punk the Techno version. Yes, it was incredible. Then suddenly I feel these arms wrap around me from behind and I catch a scent of the Cologne and I automatically know who it is. It was Cs. I look down to put my hands on his, and I see what I'm wearing. A big black robe with no shirt underneath, and these weird *** green p.j's. Soooo soft. 3 hours drifted by without recognition, and that's when Homms came up the stairs. She had about 9 different plants in her hand. She laid them all out on the counter and was VERY protective of them. She kept saying, "No, no I didn't go to M's. No, I went all the way up the road and found my plants"
and to that I replied "So, you're telling me that you were gone for 3 hours just to pick these plants?"
"Yes. They had to be perfect. NO! I couldn't pick them if they weren't perfect.."
Suddenly she grabbed my hand and was like "We need to find a mushroom."
So we go out into the back yard and I hadn't been outside yet so everything was so vibrant and the wind on my skin felt like a baby wipe. Of course, we couldn't find a damn mushroom so I said "How about a slug?"
Wide eyed, she looks at me and says "Yes...Yesssss."
J had made her some tea before so while we were in the forest, I asked if I could have a sip.
"NO!.....Ok, fine," and then she whispered "Don't tell anyone" and hands me the cup.
It was sooo good, it was like music to my taste buds. She quickly jumped up to see how much I was going to drink and then when I had enough she tore it out of my hand and said
"That's enough!"
Good-ness my heart is just pounding typing all of this. I want to do E sooo bad again. :S
I had found this one blackberry leaf that I was very fond of, and I was rubbing it on my lips...it just felt so nice.
Obviously the next day I looked in the mirror and was like, "WTF happened to my lips?"
They were sooo cut up.
Ok, I'm getting too exited to tell the rest in detail...I'm pretty sure you can all guess what happens anyway. :D

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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

I liked reading your story! It sounds like you had such a fun time. I know what you mean because I love that stuff soooooo much too but try not to abuse it because not everytime will be that special and the side effects get worse! I only do it 2-3 a year now even though I wish I could do it 2-3 times every month!

You may like the feeling of it, but a lot of people have randomly died from taking ecstasy. It can cause heart failure in even the very young. Long term exposure can even cause very intense depression and anxiety. It depletes your brain of serotonin and can leave you in very bad shape for the rest of your life. I know a guy who is 21 years old and for the past two years has barely been able to leave his house because of fear and panic, all because of what the ecstasy he did as a teenager did to him. <br />
<br />
If you haven't already, I suggest you research the drug because it's not as harmless as so many seem to think. It can have very bad and lasting side effects.