First Time And I Love It

I went to a music festival this summer called the big chill. I went with all my friends, most of who are a year or two older than me. right now i'm going in to year 11. On the second night 'hospital records' were playing at midnight until the early hours, so we all bought mdma. The tent was so so packed and everyone was buzzing. it was so amazing!!  I've never felt so happy, whenever i look back on the peak of my night it makes me smile. the day after i felt a bit pissed off because everything seemed so boring in comparison. but i really can't wait to do it again. i don't get how it gets such a bad press because i had the best night of my life so far and everything was just so goooooooooood. 
Ferne Ferne
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2010