Ecstasy Is So Amazing And Everyone Should Try It With Friends.

i rolled for the first time and i took two white pumas. the feeling i got from them was amazing!! every since that night, i have been wanting to take ecstasy again. the next drug i tried was acid. i realized that acid didnt make me feel like e. i knew that they were different drugs but i wanted to feel that ecstasy roll so bad! then i tried molly. my friends that have done it said that it was like e but a lot calmer. so i tried it but i didnt feel anything close to the ecstacy roll. molly felt more like i was coming down from an ecstasy roll. and while we were rolling on molly i keep on talking to by friend about how amazing ecstasy is and how everyone should try it in college with there friends. it really changes the way you see like.
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

molly is mdma in powdered form. Mdma is also the most active ingredient in what is sold as ecstasy. Originally ecstasy was mdma, but often with a little amphetamine added.
The mdma roll is calm and you often feel slightly lethargic.
All I can say is test your stuff. Test kits can be obtained from harm protection sites on the web.
For example check out
These days ecstasy pills may contain piperazine or mephedrome combined with methamphetamine or rat droppings as far as I know.
Other more dangerous chemicals keep turning up in ecstasy pills as well. So test your stuff.

It really does make you see a whole new side to the world, it is sad that everyone cannot do it just once all at the same time, how many problems of the world could be fixed so quickly