I remember when i was against Ectasy & thought it was stupid. but when i tried it for my first time & went to my first rave i was in love with Ectasy..it is an amazing feeling. i don't do it every day of my life, its a once in awhile thing for me && i'm glad that is that way i don't get sick of it & it doesn't **** up my life.  but whenever i do it i am the happiest person ever. now i have been to three raves; 420 fesvival, nocturnal, TAO 



i hope to go to more whenever i have the chance && can get the money. TAO was my most recent one & i had an amazing time





Shygirl90 Shygirl90
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6 Responses Jan 7, 2009

Ahah i love how everybody agrees about moderation.. i've done it 3 times in over 2 yrs and it has always been great!<br />
I think you should try at your place, not in a rave.. prepare an Epic QuestList and achieve those all night!! you'll be tripping balls!

omg it was so awesome! lol. I bonded with everyone and its like everyone was expressing love and care for one another.. I wish thats how everyone would treat each other everyday.

enjoy your next rave!<br />
everything in moderation

You just spoke words like right from my heart!!! lol<br />
<br />
I totally and absolutely agree with you...as long as you're not addicted and it doesnt fxck up your life E is amazing!!

ahaha i completely agree with you...its amazing the few times u do it..and no better place than a rave!

well im happy that you know your limits and you know how to keep it under control <br />
i think you might have a brain in your head