My First Time.

I tried ecstasy for the first time this Saturday and it was the most amazing drug I have tried yet! I'll try to recount my experience here as accurately as I can.

- At approximately 1:25 a.m. I snorted 1/2 a pill and ingested the other half. I had one of the "red bowling balls that are going around CHI.

-The pill hit me full force at approximately 2:00 a.m. I began to feel very anxious, hyper, and happy. Everything was very loud, lights were very vibrant, and the boy I was with's voice was amazingly beautiful. He kept on laughing at me and I'm assuming it was because of how goofy I was acting because I was a first time roller.

-I instantly felt the need to do something with my hands so I played with my ipod and basically had music A.D.D. The boy, we'll call him "m" for privacy's sake asked me if i wanted to listen to music. I ecstatically responded yes! and jumped up.

-"M" went out of the room to snort his pill (since he has a very high tolerance) I attempted to play with his MAC and had a very difficult time figuring out, actually I couldn't even figure it out.

-"M" came back in and I gave him a massage so I could have something to do with my hands. Then he gave me one and it was absolutely (for lack of a better word) amazing.

-"M" put on a movie, "A Cross the Universe; The Documentary" Since it was a bootleg the screen kept jumpig around and I was freaking out because I thought it was me. "M" politely informed me that it was the screen, not me. Yet, I still refused to watch the movie.

-About this time I felt the need to take my shirt off because I thought it was uncomfortable. M suggested we go take a shower and I agreed. The water did not feel neither hot, nor cold, it just felt AMAZING. Once I got out, the feeling of the cold air on my wet skin was orgasmic.

-M and I tried having sex, but due to the MDMA, he was unable to stay hard for long. I didn't care, I felt the need to cuddle and touch eachother more than be intimate.

-I just began to run my hands up and down his skin and I could feel every single pore on him. His tattoos seemed to feel raised and they felt amazingly cool!

-At approximately 3:00 a.m. we split another 1/2 a pill and swallowed it. I felt extrememly thirsty but I couldn't drink a lot so I chewed gum. This was probably good since I was grinding my teeth anyways.

-We watched another movie, Wristcutters, and I did not understand much of the movie. I can't stop talking to M and I repeat myself multiple times whether it was lyrics, or questions, or both, i do not remember.

-I began to come down about 5:45-6:00 a.m.

-I woke up the next morning completely out of it and repetitive once again. I felt very tired and out of it for two days after.

-I plan on doing this again soon, I absolutely loved it.

-P.S. according to, the red bowling balls are very high MDxx and they are rated very highly.

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Would love to roll with you!

Sounds great. Just don't get why someone would try to watch a movie while on e. It seems impossible to me - I mean it's extremely dull.

I can relate to everything in your stroy. Well told. Techno music and strobe lights aslo enhance the roll. Turn a strobe light on in the bathroom while you take a shower and watch the water. It is absolutely awesome. I also have trouble getting/staying hard while on E. However, there is a lot of licking and sucking going on when we roll to make up for it.
5-HTP does seem to help.

Have enough water to drink. Have something salty as well, like crackers or something to nibble. Always have chewing gums. Always have some weed to smoke to ease getting off. :-)

jealous as hell!!!!!!!

*** roll with me!

alright :)

X doesn't kill. Sounds like some anti-. I am 48 and did a lot of it over the years (miss it!).<br />
If someone died, probably from whatever else they took or drank. Some people confuse MDA with MDMA, which is different and CAN kill from overdose. Just be careful!

I always take 5-HTP the morning after I roll. It is a natural amino acid that regulates serotonin levels in your brain. Taking the pill post-e will increase your serotonin production and quicken your recovery. That combined with exercise the day after a roll always makes me feel a million times better. Everytime :]<br />
<br />

hahah! that sounds so awesome :)<br />
It takes about 3 months for your serotonin (stuff in you brain that makes you happy) levels to go back so you can have the same high again :P<br />
But first times always the best cause you have no idea what to expect.<br />
p.s. drink water!

Cool..Totally rad experiance. It was cool that you were with someone "experiance". You should wait a little no longer so you can get another great experiance. Go to GMC and get some victims. I don't know what there are called maybe your friend will know it replaces some of the chemicals in your brain that are released after talking x..Remember please don't take coke with x..I did it once and overdose...Hope your next experiance will be great for it can never be as great as your first...

just a word of advice my best friend 3 months ago had experimented with ecstacy and she now is dead. you might think its great but it kills!!!