First Time

My first time rolling was about a month ago. me and a few of my friends all snorted 1. we waited awhile and didnt feel much. so we all snorted another 1 and left to a friends house.

when we got there we snorted half a pill and started watching lightshows on his computer. me and this girl started talking and the more we talked the deeper the conversations got. we started to cuddle and continue with the conversation until we left.

we were in the back seat of the car just staring out the window. All the street lights looked incredible. it looked like a mile long beam of light coming from every street light. when we got back to her house we were all just laying down fading away in the music until we eventually crashed.

kev33122 kev33122
18-21, M
1 Response May 15, 2009

I started E snorting mdma, but found that it wrecks your nasal tissues. Much prefer plugging these days.