See i love ecstasy, mostly the way it feels and music is so amazing. Sometimes i can just be so enlightened from it, everything and everyone is just filled with love. The First time i did it, it wasnt as great as the other timess, my favorites are being with everyone, all my friends makes me just even happier and greater inside. i am inspired by everything while on it, makes me think about everything, and not take things so serious in life cause nobody gets out alive(; music is even better on e, your just filled with the feeling of movement and dance and your in a trace. Techno all the way

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It's nice that another older person here like mdma. People tell so many lies about this drug. I'm not saying it's entirely safe, but I believe that in moderation (once every two months) it is far less harmful than most (including alcohol, tobacco, etc.) <br />
I also love having sex on E, combined with amyl nitrite that's the max. Cannabis on the come down makes the evening complete. We refresh our marriage every now and then this way.

I know what you mean, and I'm not here to judge.... I just hope you know how dangerous that drug is for your body.... I had a binge of it for about a month, and I had some awful repercussions afterward. My boyfriend is a producer of electronic music, and one night he sat me down and we talked about X and the good and bad of it. In the end we both decided that we didn't need X to get the most out of electronic music, and for someone who listens to it, you probably understand that the energy is already in the music, and X allows everyone to get on the same page.... your choices are your own, and again... I'm not here to judge anyone.. but all I say is, just be careful. <br />
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