Mdma And The Breaking Down Of Barriers

I usually take ecstasy about once a month cause my experiences on ecstasy are better when spaced apart. The first time i took it was november of 09 at a Tiesto concert. It was unlike anything ive ever felt. As the rush of happiness was increasing, my perspective on the crowd changed dramatically. Its as if everybody was somehow familiar. It went from an awkwardness to a feeling of a connection to everyone. It was the best 6 hours of my life. All of my inhibitions we non existent. I mustve talked to about at least 20 people that night. Id say it even woke me up to how beautiful life really is.
Everyday i step out of my house, I get a rush of energy just by looking up at the sky or admiring trees, flowers, grass. It feels as if everything is alive and saying, "hi." Life definitely would've never been the same without this ecstasy experience. It brought me to a higher level of awareness on life. I wouldnt say its addicting because i havent had an urge stronger than i would get for a chocolate bar. But i'd say the urge to use it often varies depending on your level of happiness. If you're depressed, it only makes sense for you to urge it more.
Another thing that ecstasy has shown me was the feeling of detaching from the ego(mind created-self). Its shown me how it feels to detach and that its ok. This is only an experience and when it's my turn to leave, it'll be ok. I got this in the sense of feelings through dancing at a rave. I was no longer identifying with myself and i just danced and danced... just for the joy of being.
Ofcourse if you're wise, you'll do research before you test out any drug and get yourself a test kit to make sure theres some kind of mdma in it. It sucks how pure mdma is hard to come by nowadays... PLUR
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couldnt have worded it better

I kinda wish I could try this, but I never get out to raves and my community is more of a mexicans and crack place... :/ Plus I've heard that nowadays they mix it with meth and goodness knows what else - I'd be scared of getting one mixed with bath salts.

Great post and typical of an MDMA experience.

Ignorign the Governmental and social restrictions, MDMA is a very powerful substance that can bring about profound changes in people's experience of the world, to a degree that science seems to be ignoring.

I recently saw a program on television about a couple, one of which had a terminal condition. It made their relationship extremely difficult as you could imagine.

Someone (or group) suggested both of them taking MDMA one evening. A irresponsible suggestion you might think and an equally irresponsible decision to do so.

The fact of the matter is ecstacy breaks down ALL social and mental barriers between friends, lovers and strangers alike. You are able to connect to people in a way you could only imagine.

Hence the one night these two people - now strangers to each other after the emotionnal strains a terminal illness can summon, brought them together in a oneness, understanding, loving, accepting, peaceful way one can only imagine. Talking about the things they feared to talk about, accepting their love for each other, accepting the inevitable loss each other will experience and bringing peace between the two that no other drug or therapy can achieve.

There are very useful applications for drugs like MDMA.

Sex and clubbing on it is ******* amazing too.

disclaimer: MDMA is ILLEGAL in most countries and you should not be breaking the law.

isn't it legal in holland or one of those dutch places?

Totally agree with everything in this post. Since doing MD a while back I found that my picture of the world had changed and my awareness of self and surroundings had also changed. The confidence, the self belief and overall sense of happiness I got while on mdma was just mind blowing.

Thank you for Sharing your Experience. My first experience with E was a pill cut with Yayo. Mixing an upper w/ a downer is not that great. But the experience was pretty awesome. and having a kit is definitely a must if you wanna be as safe as possible about things.