Edhardy-onsale....don't Buy Anything From There!!!!

I ordered a T-shirt from the edhardy-onsale.com. They charged 48dollars from my account in one minute, but 1 day later I've received a letter:" Sorry, the ordered item is out of stock, please choose an other one..." I checked all the shirts, but I didn't like any other shirt, so I told them , I would like to get back my money... about 5-6 e-mails has been sent, to let them know I don't want anything else instead, but the only answet I've got is says if I want to get back my money, they will send only 38dollars back, because an other company do the payment and they already charged it for the payment and anyway they already don't have any profit on this shirt, which I ordered, because it was on sale...  Finally one month later I had to accept that they will send back less money what I paid, even if it wasn't my mistake. They charged for me for an item, which they never had.... I paid 32Pounds, I got back 22Pounds... and nothing else.... 10 pounds I paid for nothing.... Don't order from there if you don't want to waste you money and time!!!!!

falco84 falco84
May 20, 2012