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My wife says that I am immature and for a 58 year old man just ****** up a lot. Now because I enjoy sex so much and I am the first to say it is a stress regulator for me edging consumes my time alone. Sometimes I edge for hours fantasizing and the scent on my **** is noticeable to me reeking sex. It has to say something when you can bring yourself to the edge wet with precum the white foaming of *** and stop. Always going back and starting over. I even edged ******* one day, the wife and I had some time alone and I just kept ******* her until she was satisfied had *** her needed allotment. I said to her after dinner we will finish. Now that was the mans brain, the women was totally not into it, and I remember going up after dinner and getting that look ok so now what do you want *******.
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good story, I know what you are talking about!

Edging is the greatest. Don't think you're alone doing this. Many men on EP do this every day. It's a gift of nature, not a curse!

......maybe you should offer her 'Catch 22' as a Christmas gift,she might get the hint!!!

In the Chinese culture,this is called 'Tao',and ancient technique whereby the man never ****,it can go on for months as it's destined to please the woman and only the woman.After which the man then permits himself to ***,again only after the woman has rrecieved maximum're a master my friend,and if your wife prefers an average guy where sex last for around 3 minutes,then I suggest you get yourself a lover that'll appreciate you!
I'm 53 and have been 'Edging' as you put it for nearly all my life!....never really thought about it until I read your story,but I can **** my lady for hours and not ***,I've had other lovers that are very happy with this technique,can spend days ******* and not ***.....then when I do it's just a real BLAST!
You're a veteran,no 'Rookie' can boast to have that kind of control! And nearly all of the woman I've known,even prostitutes can't believe their luck after a life of 3 minutes at a time!!


It's like racing cars....if you accelerate too hard and brake too late,then you simply of the track and out of the race!......keep it all steady,anticipate,visualize and allow your mind to guide you further down the path of pleasure.....instead of jumping off the cliff after 10 minutes!!!