The Tragedy of Edie

For all of you who don't know who Edie Sedgwick is here is a breif bit about her:

“She was after life, but sometimes life doesn’t come fast enough.”
-- Diana Vreeland on Edie Sedgwick

With her dazzling style, vivacious spark and undeniable sense of cool, Edie Sedgwick found herself at the very center of a revolution in American pop culture. Branded by Andy Warhol as a counter-culture heroine when the counter-culture was everything, she became the statuesque icon of a generation -- the one woman of her times of whom it was said that all men wanted and all women wanted to be. She hailed from a true blue-blooded, aristocratic family – so prominent in New England their rounded cemetery plot in Massachusetts is known as the “Sedgwick Pie.” Yet, her trademark image became a fundamental symbol of the ultimate modern American woman: electric, rebellious yet deeply vulnerable. Vogue Magazine even came up with a name for the revolution she represented – dubbing her a “Youthquaker.” Then, almost as quickly as she burst onto the scene, Sedgwick’s flame was extinguished - she died at age 28 from a drug overdose.

Since her death in 1971, however, Sedgwick has made a comeback as an American idol whose story continues to fascinate on multiple levels. Her spectacular brushes with fame, artistic revolutions, culture clashes, family dysfunction and the fall from grace are more relevant than ever, while her extraordinary sense of style – with her iconic signature look of kohl-black eyes, dyed blonde hair, leotards or geometric dresses, and dark tights – remains a major influence on fashion. Echoes of Edie are everywhere in modern media. And yet, her story has never been told on screen.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

i love it as well i have that book and also jean steins american girl and its wonderful <br />
i ohpe more poeple start talking more about her on here cause i would love to speak with someone about her and how much we love her

I Love, Love, LOVE Edie! and this entry. I have a bit of an obsession with her .... Just got the book Edie:Girl on fire, and cannot put it down. <br />
This was a fantastic summary and tribute to her. I am glad I found somebody else who appreciates all that is Edie Sedgwick! :)