The Superhero

:back ground: ediezlush southeren bell during the day hell cat at night

born on the planet imakickurassifnudontstopf'nwithme

hight 4/9 weight 105

secret powers morphs into anything and has a whip made outa beer bottles

setting another boring day at the office when suddenly.....................

mr.x: calling ediez calling ediez calling ediez

ediez: yes mr.x im here

mr.x: theres been a situation are u able to talk?

ediez: not at the moment have lunch in a hr

mr.x: theres no time for lunch someone has broken into the budlight factory and stolen the secret beer coming out

ediez: oh hellllllllllllllllllllllll no no one ***** with my budlight

mr.x: hurry this great importance

a few seconds later....hops on horse drawn carriage
that magically turns into a ferrari 458

ediez: ok mr.x im on my way now

mr.x: go to toy'r'us and look for the secret box marked secret

confused by this ediez: ok?

mr.x: u will find a cd to play in ur car the cd plays backwards

ediez: ok i will get the cd and play it

ten minutes later......

(changes in to all black outfit and shows up at evil layer:

ediez: ok wich one of u mofos stole the secret beer?

daffey duck: it was me what u gonna do about it?

****** slaps daffey with whip*

ediez: ima kick ur *** thats what *grabs secret beer and leaves*

ediez:ok mr .x beer in hand and returning it to base

Mr.x : good job agent

Ediez: thank u sir agent out

all this and she didnt miss lunch
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
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