I Love Edward Cullen and Please Check Out My Site About Him!

I love Edward Cullen so much I made a site about him! Here is the address:http://skittlee.webs.com/ . Please go there and comment and stuff! I want my site to be really popular and to be the biggest Edward Cullen fansite out there. Please pleas please make it popular. Email it to friends, tell random people about it, glue a gigantic piece of cardboard with the site on it to a building. I would do this stuff but if my mom found out she'd go ballistic and I really don't want that to happen. So I'm sticking to the internet for now and I hope that all the Edward Cullen lovers out there will soon speak its name and think of all you guys who helped promote it. Thank you!

SkittleE SkittleE
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

lol what are you a blood thirsty crazed teen fan? lol your the girl that would rip out Edwards hair if he got close enough. lol im not being mean i swear im just saying. and ill even stop by your site since i ♥ Edward so effin much.<br />
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