Edward Norton Is Seeping Into My Dreams

Last night I had a very long dream about Edward Norton (looking as he did in American History X).  It started off that I met him in my parents old house, the one they lived in when they were together, where my sister was born.  Simple.  And then I kind of woke up in the dream and realised that it was a dream, and then I had control over it - almost a lucid dream (look up lucid dreaming for more info on this). 

So Dream Me realised that Edward Norton being there was amazing and decided that I was going to make him have sex with me.  In my dream I seduced him (in this odd way that involved Edward Norton moving in with me and my parents and hanging out in the lounge all the time watching movies).  Dream-Me was in love with him, yet I kind of knew he was using me for a place to stay.  After all, what could EDWARD NORTON see in me?! 

So by day we'd watch movies with my parents and by night we would have lots of sex.  My child-friendly dream mind kindly blocked out the sex scenes from this dream though, how thoughtful.  BUT, here comes the turning point. 

We'd been living together for a little while now, and one day he offered to take out the rubbish.  This was weird cause he didn't normally do it and today he was adamant about doing it, so I became a little suspicious of it.  But I let him do it. 

The next thing I knew a tank of propane had leapt off a truck outside and exploded out by the mailbox, flying through the air and blowing up my parents kitchen.  I watched Edward through the window talking to his strange friends, suspecting them of foul play.

Life returned to normal after the propane incident.  I think my parents collected some insurance or something, but that might just be my conscious mind trying to rationalise things.  Edward stayed living with us and being in an odd secret relationship with me, the way it had been; but I was now deeply suspicious of him.  Couldn't make him admit it though, that he was connected to the explosion, even though I knew something was wrong.

Then one day Edward Norton and I went for a walk in town and we saw an old acquaintance of mine, an old unrequited love if you will.  Seeing me with Edward (he's a big fight club fan too) he stopped ignoring me and called out through his window to us to go over.  We went over to talk, and looking through the glass I realised that the one talking to me was Edward (it was just the reflection).  And I turned around and Edward has morphed into said unrequited love.  They became the same person, and that ruined it for me.  My faux romance with my favourite actor turned into a sick little comparison with a guy I used to like and be used by.  Ick.  Hope you enjoyed the dream; I know - it's weird.

Also highly influenced by Fight Club I believe.  Oh yeah, I thought Edward was trying to blow my house up to free me from my parents the way Jack did in Fight Club to liberate himself from his things. 

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Whatever do you mean? I'd never make a rookie mistake like that. Pssh.

I always wanted a bonsai tree since I saw Karate Kid. Seems relaxing to care for it and clip it and crimp it. So long as the neighborhood toughs don't want to burn down your shop or beat up your Daniel-san. Luckily I don't have a shop or a Daniel-san. Nor do I have a bonsai tree... lemons! None of my dreams have come true!

I wood tell you if I was about to make like a tree and get out of here again. I was going to say deep rooting's the best kind, but fir sure, I don't wanna branch out into that. This tree's a bound Bonsai.

That's just how I roll. I do rings around the competition. I have a deep-rooted desire to be chipper... sheesh, it's 5 PM here already. I hope you don't leave soon.

That whittn't is a difficult one to get right but I think you made it. Ooh, you're good... even your mood status puts me in mind of wood chips!

Only you wood say that. I whittn't ever put it past you.

Nah, I don't believe you. Your fetish isn't weird enough.

That freak flag belongs to me.

:O I'm not the weirdest of the bunch AMotrojsdifjr!

...lol Im so glad there are weird-os on the internet like me :)

Oh, he's dreamy all right.

Hahaha yeah, in my dreams. I'm totally fine with it just being in my dreams. I wouldn't want that dream to be real, I reckon. I guess he's just a 'dreamy guy'.

lol, I think the term "In Your dreams" is appropriate here. But Don't worry I had a dream about him once.. Except it was like a bondage thing... Pretty hott...

Yup, permission granted. Edward Norton thought it was pretty nice too ;) in the dream :( hahaha. oh.

"Life returned to normal after the propane incident." Do I have permission to put that in my quote book.<br />
Norton is such a hottie. Nice use of dream control in order to get fantasy love.

That's cause we're soul mates, silly stalker

I had this exact same dream except it wasn't a propane tank but a comically oversized can of Celebrity brand Ham.

i know, it's strange. i've been having a lot of strange and destructive dreams lately. and unfortunately i haven't seen primal fear :( he didn't come back in my dreams last night, i think he's gone.

I LOVE Edward Norton, and I have to say, the way he looked in American History X ... ah yummy. I WISH he would seep into my dreams .... =]

You have some strange dreams. lol :)