Bacon Grease Inprove's The Taste Of Everything I Cook.

I most alway's save the grease when I cook bacon to use in cooking other thing's. I fry my egg's with it and when we have fried tater;s and onion's I add bacon grease to it for a better taste. It just improve's the taste of just about anything and I alway's have a can of it sttting ready for use, My Best.
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Are you still alive?

Watch that bacon grease in biscuits..if it smells to burnish..don't put it in the biscuit mixture.Plus the grease has to be cold and resemble lard.. I'd hate for those little buttermilks to taste less then great.

Thank You for reading and commenting Miss Owlie. I never gave that thought when I made your biscuit's but I will next time. Two thing's that are alway's setting on the counter next to my stove are bacon grease and a can of lard. But the bacon grease add's flavor to anything you use it in. Love my egg's coked in it. My Best to you ma'am.

It's good for biscuits too.. My Mom uses Bacon grease for everything. Generally we always had Crisco lard..everyone did. A few times she used the Bacon grease for pork chops ..those were the best. Fried eggs are awesome in the bacon grease..fried potatoes are a must. Makes me remember the kitchen smells of long ago. DELICIOUS!!