Egyptian At Heart

I LOVE Egypt. Ever since I was very young I've been swept away by the beautiful Pyramids of Giza, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and many gods and goddesses. My personal favorite and the one god I prefer to worship is Anubis. I know what you're thinking but even though he's the God of Amenta ruling along side Osiris he is kind and receives far too little attention unless someone has died. I'm 14 in the 9th grade and I've already decided that I want to go to college and major in Egyptology, specializing in dealing with Anubis.  I only have one problem with what I want to do. I'm in high school and Avoyelles High doesn't teach anything to do with Egypt besides World Geography. I have no way of showing my talent in this area to anyone. I will never be able to get a scholarship for it. Can anyone help me get ideas on how to get closer to my goals?
JustASlitherOfHope JustASlitherOfHope
18-21, F
May 8, 2012