Always Feed Your House Gnome

I believe in all sorts of things, and Elementals are one of them. I do believe in fairies, but not the "fairytale" version. I believe that these ideas were based on actual knowledge, the oral stories exchanged between country folk long ago. My experience with elemental spirits over the years are many and magickal.

Elementals are pure, uninhibited creatures fashioned out of their own element. To most, they are almost impossible to see but very easy to sense. These beings can take a form, but usually a form that you (in your mind) would percieve. This means that what you expect an air spirit to look like is what you will see when percieving an air spirit. Strange? Absolutely! Being able to see them means that you are on some level of communication with them. It also means that they are able to see inside of you, therefor appear as something you are familiar with. There have been instances where I could see the TRUE being, but only once or twice and it isn't that common at all.

Elementals can be of great assistance to witches. They can be asked for help in certain situations, but those who forget to give proper instructions may end up with an elemental who doesn't know when to quit. What on earth do you me? Well, say you ask a fire elemental to help you stir the flames of passion in your love life. Well if you don't contain that flame it could spread like wildfire and start sparks where they are unwanted. In other words, working magick with elemental should be done very carefully. Rememer, they are untamed forces with a one track mind so to speak.

I have always had little spirits around me. Aside from the random spirits I see almost daily, it's the "little guys" that entertain me the most. Nature sprites and house spirits are quite common, more thsn we realize. You should always feed your house spirits. What they like will depend on what type of spirit they are, but most house gnomes like shiny things like nickels and dimes, sweet things, and small pieces of string. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. I usually leave these sort of things lieing about, but now that I have a crawling baby I try to be careful where I leave such things. I don't usually bother searching for a dropped coin unless it has fallen in a place where my son could get it and choke. I use to leave out an oreo once a week when I lived alone, but then I got a cat who wouldn't leave it alon so I had to start being careful where I left those. Lol. In any case, if you have a house gnome, chances are it can get in and out as it pleases, so leaving something outside is an option.

Whatever you do, be nice to your house spirits, and those outside as well. I'm sure people will call me nuts, but I don't really care.
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Those may be animals related to the Jinn rather than animals related to the Angels (Elementals):

It's possible, but almost everything is when it comes to spirits.